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Before and After Internet

24 Oct

Here are two contrasting mind-maps on 5 different aspects of the world – Communication, Information, Business, Finance and People.

Before Internet



After Internet



I may have missed a couple of things. Please comment if there are points that can be added. I will update the mind-maps appropriately.


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Is it the “What” or “When” that defines entrepreneurship?

23 Oct

From past few days, there have been lot of discussions happening in life around a concept very close to my heart– Entrepreneurship.


Someone who’s quite experienced to have started his own business, told me, that if you want to start something, don’t wait for the perfect idea to emerge, rather jump right into the bandwagon and take the risk. Entrepreneurship is not about answering “What do we start?”. In fact it is about answering the question “Do we start…now?


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TRUTH is a loaded word

19 Oct

From “Personality Not Included” by Rohit Bhargava


Truth is a loaded word. Marketing is not about the search for truth, and we all know it. If it were, no one would believe that a bottle of water shipped halfway across the world with an image of a Swiss mountain on it was any more healthy than one bottled in a Coca-Cola plant in Connecticut. To compensate for having a less than interesting “truth” behind their products, brands often invent a truth. If I told you the number of times I have been in meetings where people debated whether we should use the word healthful or healthy to describe a product, you’d understand the pain involved in trying to find a truth. Maybe you feel it already.


I like this specifically, because it talks of the falseness of TRUTH in marketing and its so much TRUE…

Quite a pun of words, eh!


I am also looking forward to reading “The NEW NEW thing” by Michael Lewis. I borrowed it from my professor, but more of a friend Mr Pankaj Guglani, Founder,