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Change is necessary

24 Jun

Two pegs of loneliness, with a tinge of salty dry hair on your head and a tasteless tongue in your mouth, alongwith a spead of wet tearbed bed in your bed room……………….




What does it all constitute?




Does it mean anything?




Oh yes….




It means








The time has now come to change your bed as well as your girlfriend….


24 Jun

कुजलेल्या आठवणीं मध्ये जगायचे नाही आता

खूपदा मेलोय परत मरायचे नाही आता,

जीवनाच्या ह्या वळनावर जरी तू साथ देणार असशील,

तरिही तुझी ही साथ नको मला आता


Had to come back

24 Jun

This is a long time late visit by me

Why the heck has blocked by various IT comapnies in India. They think we are slaves or what?

प्रेयसी माझी एम बी बी एस आहे

24 Jun