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TRUTH is a loaded word

19 Oct

From “Personality Not Included” by Rohit Bhargava


Truth is a loaded word. Marketing is not about the search for truth, and we all know it. If it were, no one would believe that a bottle of water shipped halfway across the world with an image of a Swiss mountain on it was any more healthy than one bottled in a Coca-Cola plant in Connecticut. To compensate for having a less than interesting “truth” behind their products, brands often invent a truth. If I told you the number of times I have been in meetings where people debated whether we should use the word healthful or healthy to describe a product, you’d understand the pain involved in trying to find a truth. Maybe you feel it already.


I like this specifically, because it talks of the falseness of TRUTH in marketing and its so much TRUE…

Quite a pun of words, eh!


I am also looking forward to reading “The NEW NEW thing” by Michael Lewis. I borrowed it from my professor, but more of a friend Mr Pankaj Guglani, Founder,