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Freedom after a caged life

8 May

Last sunday I had a chance to visit the Taraporewala Aquarium at Grant Road, Bombay. Its a small structure in itself. I had last visited it when I was a small kid(kids are small always). May be I was in 7th grade then. Actually I had gone to meet a friend and we made out a plan to visit it.

The last time I had gone there it all I remember was some small ponds and fishes in it. Very unclear picture. This time I was actually fascinated by the new fishes I saw there. There’s this whole skeleton of a bog whale there in the room when you enter the door. In the middle of the whole floor lies that thing. I saw that there was a lot of renovation done and new fish ponds were added.

Fishes are such  simple and genteel animals. Just floating around the ponds wherever they get place to. The only pity I had for them was that they were caged and the ponds not big enough for their full free float in the water.

Sometimes I wonder, we make our lives like these small ponds and then cage ourselves in it, although the cage does not seem to be visible to naked eyes, to neither of us or the other people around us. Sometimes we like to live in that small net and keep ourselves confined. Human mind does not revolt against something spontaneously if that “something” is not directly visibly causing any mantal or physical pain. And in this case we have ourselves made up this cage unconsciously so we do not make a move to break it.
It take a lot of courage to break this kind of cage, because we are left in a free flowing world once we break it and are left in all awe.

I think if these fishes are put in the sea or river, they also must be feeling the same. Being in a pond for a long time, if they are let go into big river they must be feeling intimidated and afraid of all the big water around.

But still the freedom you get when you are out of the cage is invaluable….