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Mantriji 'Mating' Mein Hain !

31 May

A Mantralaya ( don’t ask me which one – in any case, if you have been to one, you have been to all ).

The peon eyed me from the other side of the glass door. I, from this side. Since no peon opens the door once he is confirmed as a karamchari, he, too, didn’t. I pushed the door. I was in. He wasn’t upset. Since no peon is upset after he is confirmed as a karamchari.

YoursTruly: Mantriji hain ?

Peon: Nahi Hain !

YoursTruly: Kahan hain ?

Peon: Mating mein !

YoursTruly: Kya kaha ?

Peon: kaha na mating mein !

YoursTruly: Par mujhe milna tha ?

Peon: Mating mein kai logon ko milna

tha !

YoursTruly: Meri appointment thi ?

Peon: Mating ki bhi appointment thi !

YoursTruly:Yeh sab kuch toh ghar mein

hota hai ?

Peon: Kyun shak karte ho! hall mein chal

rahi hai mating !

YoursTruly: Kabse ?

Peon: Ab mating hai ! ek ghanta toh

chalegi !

YoursTruly: Dekh sakta hun ?

Peon: Darwaza andhar se bandh hai !

YoursTruly: Kaun, kaun hai andhar ?

Peon: Kuch aadmi hai; kuch aurat hain !

YoursTruly: Roz aise hi hota hai ?

Peon: Kai bar din mein chaar chaar

mating hoti hai !

YoursTruly: Mantriji ki patni ko nahi

pata ?

Peon: Ghar ki baat hai ! Bataane wali kya

baat hai !

YoursTruly: Mantriji ke private

secretary kahan hain ?

Peon:Whobhi mating mein hai ?

YoursTruly: Who kya karte hain


Peon: Jo kuch mating mein hota hai, note

karte hain !

YoursTruly: Matlab, dekhte rehte hain ?

Peon: Batate bhi rehte hain kya, kaise

karna hai, kya kehna hai ?

YoursTruly: Mantriji karte bhi hain,

kehte bhi hain ? ?

Peon: Aap samjahdaar hain ! Bina kahe

koi kaise kuch kare !

YoursTruly: Thak jaate honge Mantriji ?

Peon: Sahi farmaya, apne ! Mating se

kaun nahi thakta !

YoursTruly:Yeh sab likh sakte hain naa

hum ?

Peon: Aap sahib log hain ! Likh dijiye

Mantriji mating mein thy !

YoursTruly: Agar yeh pata chal jaata kis

kis se ?

Peon: Likh dijiye, Mantralaya ke afsaron

se !

YoursTruly: Mantriji aur afsaron mein

yeh sab chalta hai ?

Peon: Samay se pehle aur bhagya se

zyada kisko kya milta hai ?

YoursTruly: Sach mein samay badal

gaya hai ?

Peon: Hamare bhi toh bhagya badle hain !

YoursTruly: Mantriji, afsar log, private

secretary aur aap bhi ?

Peon: hum hi andhar jaa sakte hain jab

mating ho rahi hoti hai !

YoursTruly: Sab Mantriji ki hi maante

honge ?

Peon: Bilkul ! Unko khush rakhna zaroori

hai sahib !

YoursTruly:Waise sab kuch hindi mein

hi hota hoga ?

Peon: Beech beech mein angrezi mein

bhi ?

YoursTruly: Acha hum phir intezaar

karte hain ?

Peon:Apse bhi mating ko kaha tha aaj ?

YoursTruly: Kaha toh tha ki aa jaana ?

Peon: Phir mating kar ki hi jayeyega !

YoursTruly: Aur jo sab waiting room

mein baithe hain ?

Peon: Sab mating kar ki hi jayeinge !

YoursTruly: Kuch ladies bhi toh baithee

hain ?

Peon:Whobhi mating ke liye aayee hain

YoursTruly: Kuch toh teen-chaar ki

team mein aayein hain ?

Peon: Mantri ji unke saath bhi mating

kareinge ?

YoursTruly: Matlab ek saath sab ke

saath ?

Peon: Mantriji ko kaafi anubhav hai !

YoursTruly:Aur private secretary yahan

bhi batate rehtein hain ?

Peon: Unka kaam hai bhai ! woh hi fix

karte hain kahan kya hoga !

YoursTruly: Saara Mantralaya issi mein

vyast lagta hai ?

Peon: Humse puchiye mating se toh

Mantralaya chalta hai !

YoursTruly: Aur kisi ko kaan-o-kaan

khabar nahi hui aaj tak ?

Peon: Hum khabar lagne nahi dete ! Jab

tak Mantriji naa kahein !

YoursTruly: Mantriji kab kehtein hain

keh do ?

Peon: Jab unhe kisi se mating nahi karni

hoti ?

YoursTruly: Aisa karne se theek karte

hain ?

Peon: Unki patni bhi yeh kehti rehti hain ?

YoursTruly: Kya ?

Peon: Jo mangta hai mating, usi se kyun

kar leto ho mating ?

YoursTruly: Mantriji se keh dena aaya

tha ?

Peon: Theek sahib, koi sandesh ho ?

YoursTruly: Yeh bhi, ki hum 120 crore

kyun hain !!

(On reachingoffice, the Editor: Did the

MEETING go well ?

YoursTruly: No Sir ! His MATING

was going so very well !!)

(Above is a Political Satire by Aroon Sharma. This is from SME World Magazine (JAN 2011). Original Copyrights with the publisher and writer.)