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How to:Transfer, Backup and Management of contacts amongst iPhone, Blackberry and Androids

21 Jun

So you had an iPhone and have recently purchased a Blackberry and you are finding it very difficult to get your contacts transferred to the new phone. Most probably you do not want to do the transfer using Outlook as mediator because in that case, you will need to use iTunes to sync and which may eventually try to delete a lot of apps you may have installed over air, through installous or through Cydia.

So to do this transfer, here’s a step by step quick guide on how to do it.

iPhone aspect:

  1. Pick your iPhone
  2. Go to Appstore and download iDriveLite (if you have iOS4.0+) or else iDriveContacts (for < iOS 4)
  3. Download the app and install it.Its free and fast.
  4. Create an account using the login screen. Your account gets created in a matter of 30 seconds and the contacts are automatically backed up.
  5. Remember the account details

BlackBerry Aspect:

  1. Pick up your Blackberry ( I used BB Curve 8520, so I can vouch for this model. But this should work fine for other models also)
  2. Go to Appworld and search for iDrive. Download and install iDrive Lite
  3. When prompted for creation of account, enter the same userlogin/password you used earlier.
  4. This creates an additional device under the same account.
  5. So now you have two different devices under your account at
  6. Once this is done, your contacts on BB get automatically backed up. So wait.
  7. After this, click on "Restore" and the "restore from other device"
  8. The auto restore will start.

It will feel that it takes ages. But let the restore happen. It wont hang. All you existing contacts will stay and new ones will be added. Duplication may happen.

You can also see all your contacts online on with multiple devices being managed

Similar process will be applicable for Androids.

This application allows for seamless contact management in between iPhone, BB and Androids. I could not find any article when I do google for "Transfer Contacts from iPhone to Blackberry" which gives me this kind of information. So I made this one on my own.


E-Book Reader Solution for iPhone/iPad – Stanza + Calibre

8 Mar

This post is relevant to iPhone and iPad users who would like to read books on their devices

Yesterday I installed Stanza from Lexcycle ( a very lightwight and robust e-book reader for the iPhone. It supports formats like pdf/html/epub, epub being the most popular


When combined with Calibre ( this becomes your hub for e-book exchange with your PC. You can always download the epub format books from various sources and get them loaded to your iPhone/iPad in like 5 minutes OR you can buy them from countless sources on the net

The interface and bookmarking feature is very clean and Stanza loads books with sizes more than 10MB without any issues.

App has a night feature too, bookmarks multiple books at a time,has font increase/decrease feature plus rotation lock. Pretty much you would want in an e-book reader for your iPhone

In contrast, I also tried some other apps like Bookshelf (which crashed when loaded books with size more than 1.5 MB) and Kobo (not free at all)

For book overs, try this out