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When You Accept Yourself and Take a Leap Of Faith

11 Aug

I Am What I Am.

Be What You Are


99.99% of us have been taught this, bombarded with these statements since childhood.

What they have forgotten to tell us is about what to do when you want to incorporate this in your life, how to do it, and what are the consequences of doing what you want to


You will know this by not reading books, or talking to people.

You will know this only by Accepting Yourself.


I accepted myself. I used to say, I am different from others. When I asked myself what I am doing to make myself worthy of saying this, I had no answer

And then not just for the bloody sake of answer for this question, I took a leap of faith


Almost 2 months back, I was spending my whole day at Crosswords reading AGK’s Ten Much and my mind changed.

First question: Why I am I sitting at crosswords whole day? Don’t I have work? Yes I did. But I did not know what to do with that work. Because I did not like what I did.

The next day too I did the same. It was 15th of June and I made up something in my mind. I had a job and it was gonna pay me well, if I stuck to it


Before than let me tell you what I think, a/c to my perception is right and wrong

Right: Something you do, that makes sense in the short term as well as long term and still manages to keep you happy

Wrong: Something you do, that may not make sense, and may keep you happy in short term, but long term, you are doubtful about it


So then I took up a very important decision of my life. To choose between being Right and Wrong. I Quit that job and made a call to the founder of my company, that I did “it”.


You know what is difficult? To become a variable that is the part of the equation and the solution too. When you are ready, you become both and start the search for yourself.


A leap of faith is what is required, when you start believing in yourself. I work now for Redquanta and its absolutely, being working for myself. Leap of faith, may not always pay off and may have its own consequences. Consequences, like being detached from friends, not able to give time to family, meet personal chores, forget what day it is, dream about work work work… and a day that starts at 7 a.m. and ends at may be 1 a.m but being happy about it.


So this leap of faith, seems to have its own consequences. Here I am on this blog after almost 2 months. Last two months have passed like a jiffy, with so much accomplished, learnt, experienced, that I would never have, had I stayed in that job for  years.


Life gives you chances and opportunities. Take it. How mine happened, will talk about that later. This post is a result of partially satisfied mind, after sending off a major deliverable to our client. Similar day may not be possible tomorrow again.


As I said, accepting yourself is the most difficult challenge. Then each challenge thereafter is a learning.

Accept Yourself

11 Aug

Unanswered questions:

You may be on the right track but you may not be towards the right destination.

How do you know what you are doing is right or wrong?

What is it that hints you to change?

Which successful person in this world who has not been subject to criticism?

Everyone has. Criticism in not what is wrong nor is being wrongly crticised. What is wrong is that one not taking efforts to find out why one is being crticised and making peace with it


Accept yourself.

You may not be always right, nor you may be wrong always. But then you have to decide between wanting to be happy being wrong AND wanting to be unhappy being right.

Mind you the right and wrong here are just the perceptions and not the actual deeds. Do the right deeds, but the perceptions others may have may be of wrong ones.


They say find the right path towards success. What I have seen in past few months tells me there is nothing like right path. You make your own path, and walk on it. And if you can, take along others too, of course with an intention to share it.


Biggest obstacle in accepting yourself : YOU

You have to let go of the stickiness of external perceptions, logic, measurement base. You may want to change, but you yourself set limits and rules for yourself.

Break them.

There will be consequences.

Face them. Thats what you are supposed to do.


If being happy means, paying a one time or recurring cost in terms of money, or association, or friends, or luxury… then do it.


Biggest challenge in life is not making money, or rising to success.

Biggest challenge in life is Accepting yourself.