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Japan Kaizen Study Tour

17 Apr

Under this head, I will keep posting some of my experiences that I had during my tour to japan.

This tour was scheduled starting from March 14th (departure from India) till 26th March (fly back from japan)

FLight that we took was Thai Airways. This was the first time i was travelling abroad and was my first international flight experience. Quality wise the flight can be rated at 6.5/10. Food was excellent and I appreciate the service of the crew despite huge number of passengers.

We had a connected flight from Mumbai to Bangkok  which took almost 6 hours and another from bangkok to Narita (Japan) airport which took around 4 hours. I hope I am correct about timings. We spent around 3 hours at the Bangkok ariport in between the flights.

Bangkok Airport, named as Swarnabhumi International Airport- has a lot of innovative designs. Looking from outside it would look like a DNA stucture replicated on four sides.

Some of the inside pics at Bangkok airport.