War of thoughts

8 Jan

Looking at the shining shadows of the windy clouds I feel the breeze of intelligence flowing seamlessly through each and every truthfully alive particle in this world. With that I flow, my heart mellows, my eyes reach for the birds of wisdom and try to hold on to their wings, I feel the flapping of their wings as if the monotonous laughter of a Yogi. A chirping nightingale lands onto my shoulder, I feel her weight but then I let go the thought of it being a burden and somehow I feel only the warmth of her legs and not her weight. I feel something changin in my body. I try to understand what it is but I cannot understand. It pains a little at first but then gradually the pain increases and takes over my whole body as if my body is a home for all the pain in this world. I close my eyes tight and try to concenterate on one and only one thought and that is the fact that pain does not exist, what exists is the human consciousness that “feels” the pain.

So what happens is ->

Crowded trains of thoughts running on my tentacled electrochemical rails are bumping into each other creating a havoc and chaos of emotions…I wanna get out of it…

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