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Linux Mint and Windows Vista ~ (Info) Dual Boot-2

18 Nov

Nov 18,2007
So I am back here after having a rough time with my system after I did the above installs.
My system crashed after I installed another OS called Centos and tried one more…
I had taken backup of whole data so it did not cost me much except precious time of my life….
SO then the issue was like this…
I reinstalled two times the same OS(mint) and had mounted partitions from windows here too.
But then I dont know y it happened.
After the third install…OS did not let me unmount it…
None of them…
So then I tried reinstalling another OS and then too I was failure…

Next thing I did was restoring the Vista from my recovery CD, but then it also hung…
I suppose this happened because the unmounted partitions were not kind of free…

So I created a new disc image from Linux Mint installation on the whole disc ( which I did unknowingly or accidently without looking at the note that this would erase all the data on my HDD)
So I was left with a system not more than a machine minus OS…

Next thing is back to restoring Vista…
I could do it now…Successfully did it(created three primary paritions)

So today after I completed my CAT exam(which was My God very very hard and threatening kind of) I sat down installing Mint again….
Installed mint on third primary part and then installed SUSE 10 on additional logical partition I had to create…

The GRUB boot loaded, is showing all three systems now during boot….
Congratulations to me…

Linux Mint and Windows Vista ~ (Info) Dual Boot

18 Nov

Hi Guys,
Recently I got an attack to dual boot install Linux and windows on my lappy.
Actually when I bought the 500 GB hard disk(WD) I could easily take backups of my current data and do whatever I wanted to my current disk.

I went searchiyng for Linux bootable discs.and got lot of them
viz. Linux Mint,SuSe 10.3,SuSe Enterprise and others

The first one I tried was Mint.I booted it thru DVD and the way it turned out was an awesome piece of code.

Though I decided to give try to this one finally, i tried the other ones too, but they did not much appeal me in terms of speed and GUI both..

While doing all this stuff, Vista went dead…. The I had to restrore Vista too.
Installed SUSE KDE too.But it did not let properly do a dual boot..
There some problem with SUSE10.3 boot loader.
When I installed it,I could not load it from disc.It always threw an error saying that “Kernel is not loaded.It should be loaded first”

So I deleted it too..Then I went to my first choice, Mint , and what I am currently having on my lappy is a dual boot Vista + Mint.
GRUB loaded works cool here.automatically detected Windows Vista partition…

although I did take a risk by doing all this, I am happy with the performance I am getting with Linux Mint..
If any of you guys is having thoughts similar to me, please share here.

I afterwards found out in office about a site that gives a step-by-step process to dual boot vista,XP and linux on same system in all combinations
viz. [URL=”


Another thing I would like to share is that Now I want to try some thing different.
I am thinking of partitioning my portable hard drive and install 1/2 linuxes there.
I am not sure whether this will work or not.
All I know is that unlike windows, you can install linux on a portable hard drive partition too.
Windows says it cant install itself on a portable hard drive which I had (a USB one).

What I actually want to try is whether I can port an OS to some other machine and actually boot there by obviously making some modifications in some or other config in the other system.(But I am not sure, not much time I get to do this after my office timings and other stuff)…

Try Mint…
Its a debian based OS(And I dont much know what a debian based system is-might be kernel or shell)

I am able to have a very good aero experience wth Mint…
You dont always need a Windows for your work…