Why are we reluctant to stand up for our National Anthem?

17 Aug

Its really a wierd thing to say this at the same time it feels bad to say that this is infact a truth. I am not at all saying that we dont respect our National Anthem, nor do we have a feeling or thought of disrespecting it….

But still the fact remains with major of us that we are reluctant to stand up for our National Anthem. One person looks through the corner of eye to check who is standing up and whether he has really stood up or not. The moment someone stands up, we feel safe as if if nobody would have stood up, it would really be a mess of us to stand up alone. The main thing that causes this is the feeling of insecurity that what will others think if I just stand up with anybody else doing  so..They will think I am an over-patriotic guy….Seems cool to let others stand up and we will stand up in a sync with them thus making it not a personal thing but a public thing…..(this is what comes into our minds…believe it or not)

No…this is not criticism…But yes this is a serious problem….

And what more is that a certain sect of the population which is a part of the hip-hop-have-money-will-spend-and-enjoy-without-thinking “culture”, that is spreading itself very fast…. These are the ones who believe that freedom is there game of play and they have got it for free as they get everything for free in their lives… These are the ones who believe that celebrating you independence day is by spending you entire day freely roaming around the capital and sitting at Baskin Robbins or Pizza Hut and eating what you want, in whatever quantity you want….

Why are theatre’s running a full length Anthem before the movie starts. Now thats a topic over which there’s too much of debris all over and I don’t want to add to it. But still does it mean that running it in a theatre will really make people respect it? No I dont think so….Because 50% of those who come there still “have” to stand up because others are paying respect to the Anthem….. Such kidney stones can be identified easily since these would sit down even before its over and shall be letting off a sigh of relief as if a big burden has been taken away from them…. 

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