14 Jul

Today I saw this movie 1408….

Based on a short story by Stephen King its a marvellous piece of thrilling and chilling tale of a writer who writes novels on haunted hotels and ghosts and spirit infested rooms and chambers.

Then he comes accross a hotel that challenges his mindset that has made it clear in itself that ghosts and spirit do not exist nor does God.A

And with all the events that occur hereafter grips the audience with such a strength and puts them to sych an awe that nobody can escape it. The screenplay is a highly sculptured piece of writing and director has left no broken piece while making this film.

The base that is here is the subconscious of the writer that has all the things he denies and thats what he sees…   You have to conquer the strongest weakness in yourself to understand the real meaning and strength in you….

Boy dont ever skip this movie…Watch it

Its worth the time you invest….

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